Family support & Crisis Negotiation 11 en 13 oktober 2017

Heidi Nieboer – Fifteen years of negotiating experience

June 26, 2017

Heidi Nieboer - Fifteen years of negotiating experience

It happened this morning. A phone call. The conversation was brief but clear. A crisis situation: colleague Hans had been kidnapped in Libya!
The procedures in place in many organisations are rarely adequate. Even though these things happen more often than people may think. CSD provides professional courses in emergency response. Heidi Nieboer is one of the trainers. She has fifteen years of experience as a negotiator with the police and, during six of those years, she was a full-time Negotiation Strategies Expert (Expert Negotiation strategies) at the Special Interventions Service (Department of Special Interventions, DSI), so she knows like no other how organisations should prepare for situations like this.


In de week van 19 t/m 13 oktober organiseert Centre for Safety and Development weer hun jaarlijkse Crisis Week:
“CSD’s Crisis Week is a series of workshops and a conference on the topic of crisis management. You can join an individual workshop or select a number of workshops depending on your training needs”.

Samen met Sue Williams QPM zal ik de workshop Family Support verzorgen op woensdag 11 oktober en op vrijdag 13 oktober geef ik de Crisis Negotiation workshop voor ‘First Responders’ (het eerste contact).